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This effort took two years, engagement of elected officials, and coordination of multiple individuals to accomplish a unanimous decision.

Not only is Dawn a skilled strategist, organizational consultant, and campaign manager but she is also skilled at navigating the challenging bureaucracies in support of a cause. In 2013, the late Dr. Karry D. Wesley came to her seeking assistance in placing a traffic signal at the corner of his church, Antioch Fellowship Baptist Church of Dallas Texas, where several accidents had occurred of increasing seriousness. For two years she received denial after denial from the City Of Dallas but Dawn never takes no for an answer. She persevered and finally she was able to convince the city, with the support of Councilman Tennell Atkins, to have a signal light placed at the corner of South Hampton Rd and Kirnwood Rd. Pictured is the placement and ribbon cutting ceremony for the traffic signal that she not only successfully advocated for but also that she did so at no cost to the church.

Here is another instance of Dawn serving as an advocate for public schools in which she testified before the Texas State Board of Education, Public Education Subcommittee in Austin.

Dawn is a skilled lobbyist who is able to navigate bureaucracies on behalf of organizations and plan events from inception to execution including press releases and run of the show. Here Dawn testified on behalf of public schools being treated more equitably and denying charter schools the ability to build multiple campuses within so many feet of each other.

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