Trust your intuition and success will follow

Dawn Miller


Entrepreneur, author, educational consultant, psalmist, and motivational speaker...

I am a strategist who can lay out a campaign strategy for your political aspirations.

I am a current school board member who has gained a great deal of experience searching, hiring and working with a superintendent and school district and seeks to use these skills to assist aspiring superintendents prepare for their interviews when seeking an opportunity with a district where they too will have to report to a school board.

I am a published author with a memoir, Our Time to Be Blessed, published in 2010 that discusses in frank and honest terms my “truth” from childhood to college age.  
I am a psalmist able to spread the gospel through song and speak a word of encouragement especially to women and single mothers.

I am a motivational speaker able to speak directly to girls and woman on topics related to parenting, life after divorce and building self-esteem especially after a break-up.

Simply put……I am Dawn!