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Ms. Dawn Miller is an executive coach who helped guide me as a thought partner in my preparation for the next steps in my career as an educational leader.  As a former school board trustee, Dawn is well-respected in her ability to help you author an entry plan that will deliver dramatic results, attain maxim effectiveness, and analyze initial obstacles that will lead to attainable success. I have worked with Dawn for the past three years. As a new superintendent, Dawn helped facilitate my transition from assistant superintendent to superintendent, while ensuring that my capacity grew in my new role. Dawn possesses a unique ability to promote career development and leadership capabilities in those she supports.  She is a powerful tool and a trusted advisor who routinely helps others to reach their full potential. 

Dr. Darryl Henson


Marlin ISD

In late January 2021, I decided I wanted to run for City Council, as a first-time political candidate I knew I needed help. I was outreached by someone in the community that steered me in the direction of a couple of individuals, but the one that stuck out the most to me was Ms. Dawn Miller. I knew after our first conversation I needed her on my team. Ms. Miller presented herself to be very knowledgeable about the political campaign strategies and had already shown herself capable of leading multiple successful campaigns. Dawn Miller is a well-versed articulate goal-oriented strategist. She serves with a Christian attitude; she is very patient with her clients, and she projects a positive demeanor that is results-driven. Dawn Miller’s approach is both fierce and strategic in that her words and methodology are always centered on the end results. She is like the coach before the game with the enthusiastic and energetic pep talk and the coach at half-time who is behind in the score who refocuses on the team to assure them to remain the course as the game is not over until it is over. Dawn Miller played an intricate role in me securing 903 votes for the incumbent who received 1257. In my opinion, that was a very strong showing for an unknown candidate in the city. I commend Dawn Miller for her efforts and talents and because of those talents, I recommend Dawn Miller to anyone or organization who is seeking a strategist who is professional and exhibits business acumen.

Phyllis M. Howard-TX


Dawn Miller got right down to business the very first time I spoke with her! She put a whole new perspective in front of me as the 'tip off' for my new campaign. It literally woke me up and got me hyped and excited and I was ready to campaign on a whole new level. She is smart, savvy, and knowledgeable and I am excited to have worked with her! ​​

The Honorable Leticia Hughes

City Councilwoman 

City of DeSoto

I am pleased to share my experience with Dawn Miller Consulting. Every election has the opportunity to connect with the voters. With my opponent challenger, Dawn was able to assist me by ensuring my platform was clear and concise to ensure the voters are not misled. It is vital for a voter to make a sound decision as they cast their ballot for the candidate of their choice. As a result, I was able to receive over 13k votes in my primary election thus winning a 54% majority.

Honorable Mike Jones

Justice of the Peace 4-1


After basically single-handedly operating my funeral home for nearly four years I was in need of someone to come in and assist me in delegating my duties, creating an operational manual, and streamlining my processes. Dawn came in with no experience in the funeral industry and was able to provide a thoughtful analysis of my business processes as well as corrective measures that greatly improved our productivity. I highly recommend Dawn if you are a small business in any industry in need of redirection, improved processes, or general organizational structure.

Dr. Jeremiah Martin

Owner/Funeral Director

Prepared Place Funeral Home

"Listen, if you have not already been convinced that Ms. Dawn is the truth, let me just add my two cents.  Within the first 10 minutes of our call, Ms. Dawn had not only provided insight and strategies that would aid in my moving forward with my mental health mission as a transformational speaker but the conversation and level of wisdom she had resonated with what I know my purpose to be so much so that it sparked new ideas in my own head.  Thank you so much Ms. Dawn for your willingness to share your knowledge and experience. I'm so excited about the direction things are headed for me now."

LaDawnia M. Scott - Midland, TX


Not Perfect, Just Purposed

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