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Overcoming Inadequacies

Have you ever felt that you weren’t enough? Ever felt like you should have more, be more, earn more? Have you ever believed that you should be further in your career? Earn more money? Or just generally that you should be at a different point in your life? These thoughts lead you to believe that you are inadequate. I want to reassure you the you are ENOUGH! The Bible tells us that in whatever state you’re in, to be content. Instead of always wanting the better car, appreciate the one you’re already driving. Instead of wanting a better job, be the best employee where you are now. Rather than wish your spouse was more like someone else’s, love and cherish yours. Stop comparing your children to someone else’s and be proud of your own. Just be content! That doesn’t mean settle. It doesn’t mean not to strive for the best but, while doing it, appreciate what you have now, where you are now and those who are on the journey with you. Just never forget that YOU ARE ENOUGH!!

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